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What is Hydroseeding?

Funi’s Lawn Care & Landscaping is the NH Seacoast’s solution for all your lawn installation needs. Funi’s Lawn Care specializes in hydroseeding and offers a slurry second to none. Each tank is specifically tailored and mixed to the soil conditions of the site to provide you with a sod quality lawn. Funi’s has seed blends available for dense shade or full sun, irrigated and non-irrigated lawns, acidic soils, sandy soils, etc…

Our slurry consist of:

  • Top quality 99.99% weed free seed custom to your soil conditions
  • Bio-degradable mulch for water retention
  • Starter fertilizer to aid in feeding the root system upon seed germination
  • Tackifier to adhere the slurry to the soil and aid in preventing washouts
  • Silk color to provide a vibrant longer lasting color to aid in identifying when watering is needed
  • Lime to amend soil PH if needed

Hydroseeding is the most cost-effective way to establish a lush, green, sod quality lawn. Whether you are looking to thicken up your existing lawn or install a new lawn our hydroseed is the answer. Funi’s also provides loam installation and Harley raking services, compost top dressing with our Eco-Lawn top dresser, core aeration, and dethatching. We hand pick our loam suppliers to ensure that the products we are putting our name on is nothing but the best!

Benefits of Hydroseeding



Choosing hydroseeding over a new sod installation can save up to 80% of the cost in material and labor. Part of the reason it’s much more cost-effective is because sod can take half of a day to be sewn while hydroseeding the same area may only take an hour.


Thicker Coverage

Hydroseeding doesn’t require sheets of sod to be cut or sewn together to fit irregular and hard-to-reach areas. It covers all areas evenly while resulting in a completely full and lush, green lawn.


Better Water Retention

The mulch and trackifiers in hydroseeding slurry anchor the mixtures to slopes and seal moisture and nutrients. Unlike sod, the root system of a hydroseeded lawn grows into the ground first allowing it to become more drought-tolerant quicker.



Although hydroseeding doesn’t yield as fast of results as sod installation as far as seeing physical grass, the growth period is about 7 days with mowing availability in about 3-4 weeks. Hydroseeding allows a robust way to grow grass quicker than traditional overseeding.

Hydroseeding F.A.Q.

Do I need to water and how much?
  • Proper watering of your hydroseeded lawn is essential for germination and starting your lawn off correctly. It is critical to follow these watering instructions.
  • Water frequently enough to keep moisture in the soil. Depending on weather, temperature, and soil type, your lawn may need to be watered several times per day. Cool, damp days may only need one watering per day whereas hot summer days may need watering 3-4 times per day. It may be helpful to use an electronic water timer if no one is home during the day.
  • Too little waters slows the establishment of the grass. If the seed starts to germinate and is allowed to dry out, the seedlings can die.
  • Too much water can cause puddling and washouts. Once germinated, too much water can cause the grass seedlings to have a weak root system (due to not enough oxygen being supplied to the roots). This slows establishment and can result in a sparse lawn.
  • After the first or second mowing, reduce the frequency of watering 1-3 times per week, depending on weather condition. Watering less frequently and for a longer period of time promotes deeper rooting.
  • The seed should start to germinate in 5-10 days under optimum conditions. Under adverse conditions it may take 14-21 days to germinate.
What should I do about the weeds?

We have hydroseeded your lawn with a grass seed mixture free of weed seeds. Weed seeds present in the soil can grow in your lawn area. DO NOT use herbicides (weed killers) on your lawn for at least three months. Although, products such as Weed-B-Gone and Weed n’ Feed are meant to kill broadleaf weeds, not grasses, they can harm the tender new grass seeelings.

When do I mow?
  • Your new lawn should be mowed when the grass blades are 4″ to 5″ high. This is usually about 4-6 weeks after seeding. Mow to a height of 3″ t0 3-1/2″. A good rule of thumb is to never mow off more than one third of the height of the grass in any one mowing. Should the grass get too tall before it is mowed, raise the mower cutting height and work back down to the proper height over the next couple mowings.
  • Mow frequently. Mowing encourages the formation of tillers (branching out at the base of the plant). Increased tillering means your lawn fills in more quickly.
  • Be careful when mowing a newly seeded lawn. Keep your mower blades sharp for a clean cut. Set the mower at a slower speed to reduce the chance of pulling or “sucking up” seedlings.
The new lawn looks hungry should I fertilize it?
  • Your new lawn has been hydroseeded with a starter fertilizer.
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer, such as 16-16-16, or a starter fertilizer after the first or second mowing. Following the manufacturer’s recommended rates.
  • Apply the fertilizer when the lawn is dry then water thoroughly to reduce the chance of burning.
  • Once your lawn is established, follow a fertilizer maintenance program. Fertilize 4-6 times per year.
What is the warranty?

We guarantee our customers that we will always use the industries highest quality materials. We will stand by our work and strive to deliver the highest quality lawn whenever possible. Since there are so many variables and Mother Nature plays a huge part in the success of your new lawn, it is not possible to offer a standard warranty. Any warranty claim is at the discretion of Funi’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. We are in the business of growing grass and we aim to please!

How is hydroseed applied?

Hydroseed is mixed in a large tank similar to a big blender and sprayed out a hose using a pump that drains the tank. First the tank is filled with water and then the mixing process begins. Seed is added to the water and mixed until the seed is disbursed evenly throughout the water. Fertilizer, lime, silk color, and any other mix-ins are then added and allowed to dissolve. The last step in the mixing process is to add the bales of mulch. The mulch is then allowed to break down and mix until the slurry is completely mixed up. The entire mixing process from start to finish takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the amount to be mixed. A minimum of 200 gallons, or 2,000 sq ft, is required for even mixing.

How do you determine what seed and what ingredients to use?

Funi’s has been Hydroseeding lawns since 2015 and we have learned a few “tricks of the trade” along the way. We always recommend doing a soil test which will offer us a “recipe” specific to your soil conditions. With that recipe we know the soil makeup, soil PH, and the amount of organic matter present in the soil.

A number of trees are extremely acidic and if present can be an immediate identifier for acidic soil. We amend acidic soil by using lime or other commercial ingredients depending on the amount of lime required. Moss is a sign of a lack of nitrogen in the soil and by spraying water soluble and / or slow-release, starter fertilizer we can amend that issue. Our list of troubleshooting techniques goes on and on.

Why Should I Choose Funi’s?

Funi’s Lawn Care is dedicated to getting you what you are paying for and that is A LUSH GREEN LAWN. We are always attending trainings and keeping up with the industry’s latest and greatest products to provide to our customers. We will never skimp on the seeds or grass fillers to cut costs. We do not use roadside seed mixes or high, annual, rye grass mixers just to say we got you grass. We give you an honest lawn for an honest price!

Ask us about Proganics Biotic Soild Media and what it can do for your current lawn. Proganics is a sprayable organic matter to aid in amending your soil. You may not need to bring in truck loads of loam after all!

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