Steep Slope Mowing Services

In Exeter, Stratham, Brentwood, and Epping, New Hampshire

Save Time and Money on Steep Slope Mowing with Funi’s

Funi’s Lawn Care and Landscaping offers what most landscapers in the Seacoast region don’t and that’s an efficient way to mow and manage steeply sloped terrain such as hills and ravines.

Hills often prove to be a huge challenge for lawn care providers as steep slopes can cause traditional riding and stand-on mowers to flip over, causing major safety concerns. Additionally, mower tires aren’t meant to grip the landscape at such extreme angles which can cause ruts and soil erosion in your sloped turf.

This practice is usually combatted by cutting the entire area using a crew of two or more on string trimmers. This wastes time and ultimately increases the price you have to pay. Our robotic, steep slope mowing units are safe, effective, and save you time and money.

Robotic Mowing Units for Hills

Our remote-controlled, robotic mowing units are designed to manage brush and cut down vegetation on steep slopes safely and effectively. What was previously done by a multi-person crew in multiple days can now be completed by one person in a matter of minutes.

Our TRX Remote Mowers are specifically designed to manage the hilly Eastern Seacoast region with ease, safety, and care.

Remote Control Slope Mowing

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With our units being 100% remote controlled, the operator is never in danger of tipping the mower over on steep slopes while maintaining full control over the mower.

Dam Vegetation Mowing

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Our remote-controlled mowers utilize a 10ga brush mulching deck, making thick and, often wet, vegetation found near dams or watery areas no match for us.

Earthen Berm Vegetation Mowing

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Steep slopes often don’t get the same care and maintenance that flat lawns do. This causes thicker and more wild species to take root and start growing out of control. Even at a 50° slope, earthen berm vegetation is no match of our remote mowers.

Steep Hill Mowing

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Our remote mowers are specifically outfitted to handle steep hills at 50° inclines. What makes these unique to traditional commercial mowers are the lower centers of gravity the machines have as well as the tread system.

The wider and thicker treads on the wheels and driving axles increase the surface of contact the mower has with the ground, preventing it from tipping over as well as digging ruts or sliding down hills prone to soil erosion.

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